Confidence and Success: The Magic Cycle


Hey guys,

Today I’ll talk about confidence and success, and the relationship between these two subjects. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of why some people just ‘have it all’ and why they have a natural confidence radiated from their persona. You will also know what you need to do, in order to increase your natural confidence and charisma.

In fact, almost no one is born with confidence. We all start as helpless infants who need to be taken care of, and none of us were born as the Ubermensch. So why some of us seems to have a natural aura of confidence? The answer is simple:

Success breeds Confidence. The loop is the the following:

Initial Success -> Increased Confidence -> More Success -> More Confidence -> …

I want you to think for a second about the last time a woman really liked you and started to smile at you, or even hit on you. I bet you felt really well after that, and for a day you felt like the king of the world and can pull anything off.

Now I’ll reveal how some people just ‘became’  naturally confident:

They have had some random success at early age. Sometimes its a girl that really fancied them or an early sex experience – and suddenly they get their initial boost of confidence. This confidence makes them more attractive – so they get even more success with the opposite sex.. and after several cycles of this positive-feedback loop one develops a strong, unbreakable confidence.

Ok, so once we have understood how people became confident naturally, we still have a problem, right? You are not yet successful, so how will you become confident? People’s biggest mistake is that they are blocked by their initial lack of self confidence so they don’t even try. And if you don’t try, there’s no way you will succeed! This makes people stay in this vicious cycle for years, unable to break it. Well, no you’re about to break it.

By talking to the opposite sex and trying to break the pattern you have been doing, you will eventually have some success. This is inevitable… remember: some girls, out there, really like you! No matter how you will approach them, how lame your excuse will be – some will like it and think you’re cute!

After this initial positive feedback you’ll start feeling your confidence growing. Use your new power! Continue to do the things you fear and you will find yourself going into the positive loop yourself! You will have more confidence which will attract woman – and increase your success!

Feel free to share your experiences with us!

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