Body Language: How To Display Confidence (and Fake it)

Body Language is a key point in developing and displaying your self confidence and masculinity. In a recent survey it was discovered that people are only 20% influenced by words, and 80% by the body language and tone of voice. Today I will teach you how you can display great confidence with several, easy gestures.

Start by standing straight, chest forward and chin parallel to the floor. You should stand tall as you have nothing to fear, with hand aside your body. Do not cross your arms as it signals that you are afraid and your body language is closed. Expose your chest a bit – not to much as you don’t want to appear cocky. Relax your body – you should walk as if the place is yours. Walk and talk slowly, to signal that you are 100% relaxed and are not afraid of anything. Take your hands out of your pockets – this is a strong signal of lack of confidence.

Take up space. Don’t be afraid to take up your space, as much as you need: Spread your legs (not too much!) and sit comfortably. Only an insecure man sits in a position in which he is not comfortable.

These simple tricks will make your body radiate self confidence, and will a great way of demonstrating value in front of people, colleges and woman. Not only you appear more confident, you will start to feel more confident inside – because of the link between body and mind. Practice these elements in front of mirror so you are fully aware of your body and your gestures.

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