Boosting Self Confidence

Boosting self confidence is a major issue for many people. So many of us feel badly about ourselves, that it’s almost become a worldwide epidemic. We are much more productive and a lot happier when we feel better about ourselves. So, if you’re having trouble with your own self confidence, here are five ways to boost it.

1.  Like yourself. If you don’t like yourself, it will be harder for others to like you back. People respond to your attitude, and the attitude of someone who doesn’t like him or herself is often negative. This turns people away. Think of all of your good qualities and focus on those. If you can’t think of any, ask others to tell you what your good qualities are. They’ll be happy to oblige you if they’re really on your side.

2. Listen to your mind as well as your body, so that we you treat them both with respect. We should take more care of our bodies and not abuse them. We should feed our minds only positive thoughts about ourselves and develop a personal ideology that’s really helpful. Pay attention to your thoughts and ignore any negative ones. These are not helpful and not real.

3. As far as possible, detach yourself from negative people, thoughts, and ideologies, otherwise those things will bring you down.

4. Organize and de-clutter your wardrobe. It will create space in your thoughts and change your mindset about yourself.

5. Move outside your comfort zone a little each day. This could be smiling at a stranger, talking to a new person at work, or going to a new place to eat. Doing these little things we’re not used to doing will help boost self confidence and make us feel better about ourselves. It’s like a medicine for the mind and soul. Making these little changes each day can lead to a whole new way of living that’s far happier and more fulfilling than we ever imagined.

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